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Guest posts are welcomed from any of our readers that wish to use our space to share their thoughts and reach a wider audience.

Our guest posts are however only open to fellow bloggers or individual writers. Companies or individuals that wish to promote a certain service or product via sponsored posts please click here for our requirements.

Guest Policy Guidelines

1. Subject Matter: We have no strict guidelines for the subject matter of the posts other than that the topic must have to do with matters nutrition or a closely interrelated discipline. You can look at our table of contents to get a feel of what we typically write about.

2. Unique Content: Content should be original, not copied from other sources or that is going to be posted elsewhere.

3. Editing: We don’t have any strict requirements for the style of writing. Use whatever you're most comfortable with or what you think will best communicate the matter you're writing on. We however encourage proper grammar and spelling.

Where necessary we reserve the right to revise or suggest edits to your post but will publish the changes only with your consent.

4. References: For pieces that are intended to be factual or scientific include sources or references if possible.

5. By-line: Names and a short bio of the guest author will be included at the end of the post. Links to a blog or social media profiles can be included here.

If you're still interested, kindly contact us by leaving us a message in our contact page.